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"Rhodesian Ridgeback" (Lion Dogs) are unsurpassed for hunting and veld work. Ever faithful and loyal to their owners, highly intelligent and reliable guards." (1). This was published as an advertisement in the Durban and Coast Kennel Club Show Catalogue in 1926, by one of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers, Mr. Francis Barnes. The uniqueness of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is the ridge on the back. In the early 1900′ , Cornelius Van Rooyen, noticed that puppies with "ridged backs" were better at hunting, were fearless and brave and had remarkable endurance. They were particularly good at baying lions.

Mr. Barnes and Mr. Van Rooyen were good friends and were instrumental in standardizing the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed in 1922 and the Rhodesian Ridgeback (LionDog) was founded. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed standard was accepted by the South African Kennel Union in 1926. Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not used for hunting but the statement about being highly intelligent, loyal and faithful companions and reliable guards, is still true.

On our property of 5,5 acres the occasional rabbit and guinea fowl still stimulate their hunting instinct but our Ridgies are kept mainly as guard dogs and companions. We purchased our first Rhodesian Ridgeback in 1995 and have enjoyed the breed ever since. A good temperament is of utmost importance. We breed occasionally and try our best to breed healthy pups with sound temperaments meeting the requirements of the breed standard.

The Family

The Louw family moved to a plot (5,5 acres) in 1995 and we realised that we needed good watch dogs and bought our first 2 ridgebacks. The plot is situated in Gauteng, South Africa, very close to the O.R. International Airport.

Koos is an industrial psychologist and works mostly from home and Adoreé is a registered Occupational Therapist, currently working at a school in Kempton Park. We have 3 children, Christa, Susan and Deon, now grown up ,but they were very involved with the dogs while still in the home.

The first litter was such an enriching and lovely experience that we decided to breed on a more regular basis. We breed with Rhodesian Ridgebacks because we love the breed and enjoy the pups. Puppies are occasionally available to approved homes.

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